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Next meeting: Dec 10th at 9am.

All are welcome. City Hall Chambers, 5775 Carpinteria Ave.

All are welcome at City Hall Chambers at 5775 Carpinteria Avenue in beautiful Carpinteria.

For information, please call
Donna Jordan

phone us! (805) 232‑3560 

Mission Statement

To keep Carpinteria “Clean, Green and Beautiful!”

Carpinteria Beautiful News! Carpinteria Beautiful News

Home and Garden Tour

Annual Home & Garden Tour

Always the last Saturday in April

Each year Carpinteria Beautiful invites you to join us in our paradise by the sea for another tour of FIVE extraordinary homes here in the Carpinteria Valley. From the foothills to the sea, and several homes in between, we work all year long to provide you with a look into the tapestry that is Carpinteria.

Thank you everyone who participated this year!

Deana Rae & Robert Shroll's yard is Lookin' Good!

Read about it in the Coastal View News and see the step by step process on Deana's blog.

Deana Rae

City Seal Gift from CB

Carpinteria City Seal

Mayor Gregg Carty, Robert Perez and John Wullbrandt pose in front of the newly unveiled city seal, a gift from Carpinteria Beautiful.

Robert, when 15 or 16, won a contest in his Carp High School Art class to design a Seal for our newly incorporated City.

John repainted the Seal from scratch, making some key improvements. His painting was used by Winsor Fire Form (located in Tumwater, WA) to create this beautiful 38-inch diameter porcelain enamel Seal.

Thanks to our Volunteers!

Carpinteria City Seal

The City awarded CB this Certificate of Commendation for the gift of the Seal and for "ongoing contribution to promote, preserve, and enhance the natural beauty of Carpinteria through the tireless work of local volunteers."

Learn more. Get involved. Contact us.

Plant a California Poppy

California Poppies

COMING SOON - We're giving away poppy seeds!

Get your free seed packet at one of these Carpinteria locations starting Saturday afternoon, November 9th:

    ~ learn more ~

Have fun and do your part to help keep Carpinteria green. Plant some poppy seeds next spring and enjoy these bright happy flowers. Thank you, S & S Seeds for your annual gift of seeds!


Carpinteria Beautiful Funds Beautification Project

Beautification project volunteers Months in planning, but only four hours to completely transform Carpinteria Children's Project at Main located at 5201 8th St in Carpinteria. A beautiful collaboration by Carpinteria Beautiful, Children's Project staff, parents, & students, and volunteers from the Montecito Family YMCA.

Did you know? Carpinteria Beautiful News


Does litter bug you?

Become an Adopt-A-pot volunteer and join the team that really cleans up.

To learn how you can Adopt your own Spot of Carpinteria, visit our Adopt-a-Spot page.


Mural Stories

John Wullbrandt

The “World's Safest Beach” mural is a stunning gift to the community by world-renowned artist and native Carpinterian John Wullbrandt. The mural celebrates not only Carpinteria's classic beach town ambience but also the community's successful preservation of our precious coastal habitats such as the Harbor Seal Sanctuary and Carpinteria Salt Marsh.

Learn more about the art and history of our beautiful community.

Learn About Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardeners contribute to the earth rather than take away from it.

Help the earth and yourself; Learn how to become a sustainable gardener.


Reuseable Bag Program

Give the Sack to Plastic Bags - We can break the plastic bag habit!

Here's something that every one of us can do to help turn the tide on a flood that is polluting our oceans and waterways, killing alarming numbers of birds and sea creatures, and littering our highways and parklands.

Reusable Carp Flag Bags

Reusable CARPINTERIA Flag Bag

More CB Projects More Carpinteria Beautiful Projects

Painting bus benches

Bus Bench Painting

Saturday, April 19th at 9am at the Arts Council on Linden Ave in Carp

One of the most enjoyable projects at Carpinteria Beautiful is the semi-annual Bus Bench Painting. Originated in 1992, this innovative activity provides an opportunity for the community's youth to get artistic and participate in a visible way. See if you can spot the newly painted benches along Linden and Carpinteria Avenues.

Ping-Pong Players, Rejoice!

Thanks to proceeds from the Home & Garden Tour, Carpinteria now has a permanent, polished concrete ping-pong table down at the beach end of Linden. It's functional, fun and free. Grab your paddles and give it a try.

Maire Radis at Santa Clause Lane in Carp

New Adopt-a-Spotter keeps Santa Claus Lane and Beach Area Clean

Maire Radis is a most welcome addition to the

Maire has taken it upon herself to keep Santa Claus Lane and beach area clean and, as you can see from the photo, has an enormous job.

Now she's working on getting the surf classes to join her effort.

Maire, we salute you!


CB Keeps Hwy 101 Clean as part of the Adopt-A-Highway Program

CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members in the Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members Join Adopt-A-Highway Program CB Members Join Adopt-A-Highway Program

Since joining the Adopt-A-Highway program back in January 2012 CB volunteers have spent countless hours collecting hundreds of bags of trash from the northbound side of Hwy 101 from Casitas Pass Rd. to Kim's Market.

Group Leader Harry Manuras reported that on July 21, 2013, the group picked up lots of summertime trash and even cleaned up the remains of a burned up car. Talk about dedicated volunteers! (July 21st crew: John Wullbrandt, JC Rivalland, Kelley Skumautz, Alterio Banks, Marlene Hazen, Harry & Patty Manuras, Sue Willner, and Bob & Donna Jordan)
Find out the next pick-up date and learn more by calling Donna Jordan at (805) 232‑3560 phone us!

Looking Good Awards

Looking Good Awards

This sporadic award is presented to residents and businesses who've made exceptional efforts to beautify and improve their properties.


Commemorative Tree Plaque Program

Commemorative Tree Plaque Program

Have you noticed the many commemorative tree plaques around town? Carpinteria Beautiful's Commemorative Tree Plaque Program was created in 1992. Since then, literally hundreds of trees have been adopted throughout Carpinteria. This popular program has offered many Carpinterians, as well as visitors to our town, the opportunity to honor a loved one or friend while at the same time providing an enhancement to the community.